The establishment of “The World Karatedo Federation Kyokushin Kaikan, World Sokyokushin” was done in earnest to correctly spread Sosai Oyama Masutatsu’s Kyokushin Karate.

As a result of Kyokushin Karate dividing into many minor groups, the number of dojos have increased suddenly and dramatically all over the world. While it is good that we can train easily, it unfortunately means some people who use the name ‘Kyokushin’, are not in fact real Kyokushin Shihan and Sensei, but are only trying to profit by gathering students. 

Shihan Oishi in particular was concerned about this situation.

Path to establishment

After Sosai Oyama passed away, Kyokushin Karate was divided into minor parties and became mixed up and confused. It is important to learn Kyokushin Karate correctly, purely, and accurately and to get down to Keiko (practice). 

“Those who do not follow the correct way. Those who declared themselves ‘Sensei’ or ‘Shihan’. They use the name of Kyokushin, but however they are not, and cannot teach.”

 “Can he really do Karate? Does he really know Karate? These people with dubious knowledge call themselves ‘Shihan’. In spite of this, people all over the world have continued to strive to seriously practice Pure Kyokushin Karate.”

President Oishi will lead this group-“I would like to spread true Kyokushin Karate correctly in the world. I would like to honour Sosai Oyama’s last wish correctly.”

President Oishi


 Hanshi Daigo Oishi is the President of the new organization (So-kyokushin). He became a pupil at the Kyokushin Kaikan So Honbu dojo in 1969. He won 3rd place at the 3rd Japan Tournament and 4th place at the 6th All Japan Tournament. At the memorable 1st World Tournament he won the 4th prize. Because of his excellent record, he became Sosai’s Uchideshi (full time student) and was given masterful instruction for 5 years. His foot work was sharp and so he was called ‘Yoto Muramasa’, because Oishi Shihan’s technique had a sharpness and deadly force that reminded Oyama Sosai of the famous sword ‘Yoto Muramasa’. He was also acclaimed by Sosai Oyama as the “genius of kick work”. He established the Yamanashi branch in 1976 and also established the Shizuoka branch in 1977.

The future of So-Kyokushin

The So-Kyokushin Group has Oishi Hanshi steering and giving firm leadership to it and also still chief instructor. This is the feature of So-Kyokushin. ‘Saying neither the status nor a title.’  Shihan’s that run the organization wear their karate-gi and sweat whilst they train, they are instructing in dojos now. This is how it should be, and the best and only means of succession and teaching the tradition of the correct Kyokushin Karate.


The World So-kyokushin President Oishi Hanshi, is Oyama Sosai’s direct pupil. His Karate is ‘Pure Kyokushin Karate’, directly from Oyama Sosai. With the aim of successfully handing down technically correct Kyokushin Karate without impurities, and to continue the development together, regardless of groups or factions, are our only aims.

People, both in and outside of Japan, who support these aims will raise the quality of Kyokushin Karate. There is no unilateral promotion. It will take rigorous examination and “official recognition” which can be announced publicly presuming ‘kihongeiko’, ‘idogeiko’, ‘kata’, ‘hokyo’, ‘kumite’. 

We hold tournaments with the same ideas in mind. They are not merely a trial of one’s strength, to score points for a number collection, but rather they are ‘Budo Tournaments’, appropriate for Kyokushin Karate.

Additionally, we have a website, and periodically publish media, such as magazines, to disseminate information about Kyokushin Karate activities.

Please visit our website, and reflect upon the history of Kyokushin.

Let’s return to the heart of Kyokushin.